Why Wrong Turn 7’s New Threat Is More Interesting Than The Cannibals

Incorrect Flip 7’s new risk is extra fascinating than the cannibals of the franchise’s authentic motion pictures as a result of it provides a singular political layer.

Wrong Turn 7 encompasses a new risk referred to as The Basis, and it is shaping as much as be extra fascinating than the cannibals of the franchise’s authentic motion pictures. The unique premise of the Incorrect Flip collection is {that a} household of deformed cannibals terrorizes unsuspecting victims in rural West Virginia. Incorrect Flip 7, a franchise reboot, guarantees to carry with it a brand new layer of political intrigue to the collection, which has already supplied greater than 15 years of gore in six earlier motion pictures.

Primarily based on what has been launched to this point, the mysterious group referred to as The Foundation in Wrong Turn 7 appears to be an organized group with a political ideology. It is a departure from the unique cannibals within the franchise, who aren’t part of any political group nor do they appear to have any deeper motivation past their base instincts. They’re merely a hungry household of inbred, mutant cannibals who expertly hunt the West Virginia countryside. Their story is a straightforward one and is rooted in “hillbilly” stereotypes, popularized by motion pictures like Deliverance.

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Within the official trailer for Wrong Turn 7, The Basis appears to be an Appalachian separatist group that considers itself to be “the inspiration upon which a brand new nation could be constructed.” This conjures up pictures of the Civil Battle in addition to the status many Southern states like West Virginia have concerning their political relationship to the remainder of the nation. With this new idea, Incorrect Flip 7 continues to play upon the franchise’s conception of rural America, including a political aspect to what was initially solely a query of family tree.

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In keeping with Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, the cannibals, aka the Hillicker brothers, are escapees from a sanatorium in rural West Virginia, the place they now hunt anybody unfortunate sufficient to cross their path. Compared, The Basis, whether or not they’re cannibals or not, appear to be a society reasonably than a household and their killings appear to be motivated by an ideology reasonably than a want to eat human flesh. That stated, The Basis may additionally be cannibals, although it isn’t express within the trailer. Just like the Hillickers, nevertheless, The Basis members actually do appear menacing and doubtlessly unstable, showing within the trailer and poster artwork as sporting animal hides and cranium masks.

Even when The Basis aren’t cannibals, the brand new risk they pose is extra fascinating than the unique villains as a result of it provides a political motivation to their evil deeds. It has the potential to take the standard cannibal hillbilly trope — which is admittedly problematic — to a stage by no means achieved by subgenre stalwarts like The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath, The Hills Have Eyes, and Rob Zombie’s Firefly Trilogy. The brand new risk posed by The Basis can also be extra fascinating as a result of they appear to be a part of a political motion that has been handed down for generations, presumably by extra than simply an remoted cannibal household. This new, conspiratorial path for the franchise’s villains just isn’t solely extra fascinating however scarier as effectively. A complicated, politically motivated community of cannibal hillbillies is infinitely scarier than a solitary flesh-eating household.

It’s unlikely that The Basis will change the cannibals fully, as followers have come to anticipate them as a primary aspect of the franchise. It’s a chance, nevertheless, as horror franchises usually go in drastically totally different instructions in reboots, remakes, and even sequels. Eliminating the cannibals from the story would not essentially be a mistake, however followers would more than likely miss them. Although the small print of The Basis are usually not clear main as much as the film’s launch, Wrong Turn 7‘s new risk is extra fascinating than the cannibals alone, and it even has the potential to set a brand new commonplace for your complete cannibal hillbilly subgenre.

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