Galeria Kogan Amaro Raises Funds for NGO’s With Exhibition Amigo Secreto

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View of Amigo Secreto (Secret Santa) exhibition at Kogan Amaro, São Paulo. Picture by Rafael Kamada/Courtesy of Galeria Kogan Amaro.

2020 has been a weird 12 months with an uncomfortable stew of emotions. The December exhibition of Galeria Kogan Amaro spreads a message of hope by way of its group exhibition “Amigo Secreto” (Secret Santa). The complete 100% of the proceeds will go to 2 São Paulo-based humanitarian non-governmental organizations, Childhood Brasil, geared toward defending socially weak kids and youngsters, and Pimp My Carroça, concerned with road sweepers and concrete sanitation staff. Taking part within the vital social motion are twenty-seven artists from the gallery’s portfolio, amongst them Daniel Lannes, Eduardo Srur, Élle de Bernardini, Fernanda Figueiredo, Marcia Pastore, Mundano, Nazareth Pacheco, Shizue Sakamoto and Tangerina Bruno. Additionally on view is Gabriel Botta, who has a January 2021 solo exhibition on the São Paulo-based gallery, in addition to Scottish-born Daniel Mullen, who’s scheduled for his first exhibition in Kogan Amaro’s Zürich department in February.

Daniel Lannes, Untitled, 2020, Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

Shizue Sakamoto, Untitled, 2020, oil on paper, 41 x 33 cm. Picture Rafael Kamada/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

The gallery’s portfolio displays the daring spirit of companions Ksenia Kogan Amaro and Marcos Amaro, each thirty-six years previous. She, a Moscow-born classical pianist, he, a São Paulo-born artist, thinker and entrepreneur. The younger artwork patrons stay between São Paulo, Itu (São Paulo state, the place they handle FAMA museum and FAMA Campo, devoted to land-art initiatives), and Zürich, the place the gallery’s worldwide department opened in 2019. This 12 months, Kogan Amaro was quick to adapt to the brand new situation collaborating in a number of on-line viewing rooms, together with SP-Arte and Artwork Basel in Miami Seashore. In November, Marcos Amaro, the artist, launched a e book of his sculptures and work, and the couple inaugurated new installations and exhibitions within the FAMA museum, amongst them 200 small-format drawings by the long-lasting Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973). One of many gallery’s plans for 2021 is to construct a extra inclusive artist portfolio, with extra Afro-descendants and LGBTQ artists.

Patricia Carparelli, I See You / I See Me, 2020, Acrylic field and thermal printing on mirror, 15 x 15 cm [each]/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

In contrast to many artists who dismiss the Christmas vacation as a cheesy consumer-driven craze, Andy Warhol cherished the festive season, and so does Tangerina Bruno. The orange-color double title refers back to the multimedia inventive entity of self-taught artwork twins Leticia and Cirillo. Tangerina Bruno is, the truth is, the citrusy household title of the twenty-seven-year-old twins whose peculiar, hyper-realistic work has a crush on society’s frequent cultural narrative, mocking popular culture by way of private, petty observations of commonplace issues.

Bruno Miguel, Tremendous Amigos (Tremendous Pals), 2018, polyester resin, spray paint, plastic mildew, 46 x 46 cm. Picture Rafael Kamada/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

To shut out the limping 2020, Tangerina Bruno exalts the merry mainstream vacation in Dezembros (a play on the Portuguese phrase, with an admittedly flawed pluralized December), which celebrates a fourteen-year work-in-progress set up of a comfy previous synthetic Christmas tree now the middle stage of the Secret Santa exhibition at Kogan Amaro.

Tangerina Bruno, Dezembros (Decembers), 2020, element. Picture Tangerina Bruno/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

Tangerina Bruno, what’s the distinction between your loved ones Christmas tree and the Dezembros set up?

None. It’s the precise, usual synthetic household Christmas tree we’ve had since 2006. Within the gallery it’s staged on the middle of the exhibition room whereas at house our tree is at all times positioned in the lounge nook as a consequence of lack of area. At house the Christmas baubles dangle solely on the tree’s uncovered facet however within the gallery it’s seen in 360 levels so for the primary time we gave a decorative therapy throughout its coniferous conic form.

Does the set up reference the timber burned within the wildfires within the Pantanal and Amazon areas or in California?

Our tree symbolizes magnificence, it exudes a playful spirit with symbolic components of masked animals with human our bodies. These components dangle in a man-made tree system that tells our story because it displays on the world round us.

Tangerina Bruno, Untitled, 2020, Graphite pencil on cotton paper, 34 x 61 cm/Courtesy of Kogan Amaro.

Does it focus on consumerism? Does it deal with sustainability?

After we attribute that means to one thing we’re mechanically bonded by respect to no matter we expend vitality, time and care. Consciousness and sustainability are pillars of our lives and our work. Our tree discusses all these points and is concerned with profound respect. It’s a cry to respect and protect Nature, the forest and the timber. The leitmotif of our tree is love.

Tangerina Bruno, Esculturas Arquétipos (Archetype Sculptures), 2020, Dezembros, Christmas tree set up in papier maché, chilly porcelain and varied supplies, every roughly 25 cm top.

What does Dezembros signify?

We had been twenty-seven on December 1, and since we had been twelve we’ve had enjoyable crafting the Christmas tree ornaments ourselves within the methods of papier-maché and chilly porcelain. The tree maps our personal evolution by way of its ornaments. It represents our private journey by way of issues which might be on our thoughts and issues we want for. To work these points by way of the ornaments has at all times been a difficult expertise.

Tangerina Bruno, Dezembros (Decembers), 2020, Esculturas Arquétipos (Archetype Sculptures), element. Picture Tangerina Bruno/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

Inform us in regards to the statuettes.

We created 13 small deities sculpted in papier maché and chilly porcelain that signify animal archetypes. These small sculptures are primarily based on the articulated picket mannequins utilized in artwork class, they’re roughly twenty-five centimeters tall. All of them have human our bodies topped with animal masked-faces of the hummingbird, the owl, the eagle, the ant, the dolphin, the snake, and so forth. They signify deities of a secret story that has been in our minds for some time. 

Have they got names?

Their names play with the wrong and reverse style of the animals within the Portuguese language. So the squirrel, esquilo in Portuguese, is our Esquila, the feminine style doesn’t exist for squirrels within the Portuguese language. The butterfly, borboleta, we inverted for the masculine Borboleto, which additionally doesn’t exist in appropriate grammar. Our inspiration for the Christmas balls got here from a detailed good friend who is ready to see the whole lot by way of a poetic mild, even the pandemic. So we purchased some previous, romantic crockery and reproduced their ornament on three units of Styrofoam balls.

How did the pandemic influence your Christmas set up?  

It compelled us to plan it in August as a substitute of October once we typically start yearly. In any case this time, our tree has change into shorter and uneven however that’s a part of its story. It was initially three meters excessive however some branches have been misplaced or damaged which is pure for a fourteen-year-old tree. So this 12 months we determined to present it a revamp with a correct magnificence salon care that included a whole hair extension therapy by braiding all of the branches with wire. Our Christmas tree is a case of poetic license, it’s nonetheless a bit crooked however we find it irresistible regardless of that. Who isn’t a bit crooked after 2020?

Élle de Bernardini, Pendente III (Pendent), 2019, Countersexual Types collection, recycled blanket, felt, rubber and nail on canvas, 36 x 20 cm. Picture Rafael Kamada/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

Amigo Secreto (Secret Santa)  
By December 19, 2020
Galeria Kogan Amaro, São Paulo

On the pillar, Nazareth Pacheco, Gota a Gota (Drop by Drop), 2015, Bronze, variable dimensions. Picture Rafael Kamada/Courtesy Kogan Amaro.

Childhood Brasil
Pimp My Carroça

Isabelle Borges, Circle 1, 2018, collage on cardboard, 50 x 50 cm/Courtesy of Galeria Kogan Amaro.

Artists donating 100% of proceeds of their works:

Alan Fontes
Bruno Miguel
Carlos Mélo
Carolina Semiatzh
Daniel Lannes
Daniel Mullen
Eduardo Srur
Élle de Bernardini
Fabiano Rodrigues
Felipe Góes
Fernanda Figueiredo
Francisco Klinger
Gabriel Botta
Isabelle Borges
Jens Hausmann
Katia Salvany
Luisa Almeida
Marcia Pastore
Mirela Cabral
Nazareth Pacheco
Patricia Carparelli
Shizue Sakamoto
Tangerina Bruno


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