10 Superheroes Other Than Batman Who Are Filthy Rich

Being a super-hero is pricey. It is costly mentally, bodily, and financially. It takes an immense bodily toll on the person who chooses to develop into one, and relying on the kind of hero they’re in addition to how they function, it could take an enormous toll on their pockets as properly. That’s the reason Batman is such a profitable hero. He is a wealthy playboy, who when being Bruce Wayne, will get to get pleasure from no matter joyfully morsel life has to supply, but additionally has the know-how and cash to cover his Batman persona.

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However Bruce Wayne is just not the one wealthy man within the super-hero neighborhood. Positive he is probably the most well-known, however not the one one. There are many heroes, in each the DC and Marvel universe, with greater than sufficient money to throw round at their super-hero careers. Some took a step farther and invested the whole lot into their careers. Others solely use the cash to maintain themselves afloat a sea of stress. Which is sort of comprehensible.

10 Oliver Queen/Inexperienced Arrow

The hero of Star Metropolis himself, Oliver Queen is the owner of Queen Industry and a billionaire.  He makes use of a subsidiary referred to as Q-Core as a base of operations in Seattle. Very like Bruce Wayne, he inherited the corporate from his father. However in contrast to Bruce, he additionally works on the firm extra usually than individuals give him credit score for.

He is been instantly concerned in mergers and purchases, making him a well-recognized businessman. Whereas Wayne is extra well-known for being a playboy and philanthropist.

9 Danny Rand/Iron Fist

Danny Rand Marvel Comics

Co-owner of the Rand Company, Danny Rand is a millionaire/billionaire, who not solely owns a majority share of his firm, however he’s additionally the CEO of mentioned firm. Although he inherited the title, he does not take part as a lot in day by day duties. He has underlings who gladly do the work for him, while he goes off fighting crime as the Iron Fist.

A lot Oliver Queen, Danny Rand additionally led to a distant land after an accident the place they each skilled to develop into their hero personas; Queen on an island, Rand within the Mystical Ok’un-Lun.

8 Tony Stark/Iron Man

Tony Stark Marvel Comics

Made exponentially extra well-known than anyone on this record due to the MCU, Tony Stark the Iron Man is as many already know, “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” He inherited his father’s weapons manufacturing firm, Stark Business, and took it even farther as its proprietor, lead inventor, and CEO.

Earlier than making it public, the primary few problems with Iron man had the character attempt to preserve a secret id. His wealthy flamboyancy is clearly an excessive amount of to maintain secret, as many followers know.

7 Michael Holt/Mr. Terrific

Mr. Terrific DC Comics

Most probably the neatest man on this record, Michael Holt is the lesser-known however nonetheless extraordinarily rich, Mr. Terrific. He is seemingly the neatest entry on this record as a result of that is principally his super-power. He has a pure aptitude for having “pure aptitudes.”

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He is a genius inventor with 14 Ph.D.’s, a self-made millionaire, a surgeon, a high-tech Cyberwear agency he bought to Waynetech, and a gold medal Olympic athlete. He is additionally the third smartest particular person on the planet in DC comics.

6 Reed Richards/Mr. Implausible


The Father determine of the Implausible 4’s household, Reed Richard’s a genius inventor/scientist, with the flexibility to stretch his physique to excessive lengths. Though, few individuals notice that he is additionally very very wealthy.

He is made his fortune promoting the patents of his innovations, and renting out his companies to both authorities contracts or universities and firms; plus he owns his personal constructing. Mr. Fantastic just doesn’t care about money. He is extra within the scientific-phenomena than wealth and riches. A noble trait, for a noble genius.

5 Adrien Veidt/Ozymandias

Adrien Veidt Watchmen

The previous Watchmen member and destroyer of New York Metropolis is, as many know or count on, extraordinarily wealthy. His character is a satire of the philanthropist playboy/genius millionaire in comics, who turns into a super-hero. He was loosely impressed by Lex Luthor however is generally an amalgamation of various super-hero traits/tropes.

He’s, ridiculously rich since he was in a position to make investments billions in tachyon analysis simply in order that he might blur and distract Dr. Manhatan’s means to see his future. That takes dedication and a whole lot of money.

4 Charles Xavier/Professor X.


One other character most followers do not understand is loaded, Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men, is pretty rich. He is a number one professional in genetics, a genius scientist, and wealthy He inherited a large amount of wealth from his household which he then invested to make an excellent bigger revenue, and has acquired beneficiant donations from a number of rich mutants for the event and development of his faculty.

The mutant Fatomex, when making an attempt to extort Xavier, calculated he’s price round 3.5 billion. That is a major amount of cash for a school-teacher.

3 Ted Kord/Blue Beetle

Ted Kord Blue Beetle DC Comics

Genius inventor, strategist, and crime fighter, Ted Kord is the primary iteration of the Blue Beetle. He invented all his devices, a few of which he bought for tens of millions, bought his firm to Wayne Enterprises, after which invested the remainder of his time making innovations to assist him because the Blue Beetle.

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He is much less recognized than different superheroes, particularly after the mantle of the Blue Beetle was taken by the youthful Jaime Reyes, however he nonetheless deserves his place on this record.

2 T’Challa/Black Panther

Black Panther Marvel Comics

The king of Wakanda himself, the wealth T’Challa has is absurd. Wakanda is the only real supply of Vibranium, one of many rarest and most versatile metals on the planet. As a result of the nation saved itself closed off to the world for hundreds of years, they have been in a position to monopolize the sale and mining of the virtually indestructible steel.

To not point out, Wakanda is a technologically, and socially superior nation, that’s nonetheless a Monarchy. T’Challa has entry to an virtually indispensable quantity of wealth, which he modestly makes use of to higher the world when he can.

1 Arthur Curry/Aquaman & Namor

Aquaman Namor DC Marvel Comics

These two must share the house, not solely as a result of they’re each reflections of one another, however due to how ridiculously wealthy they each are. Arthur Curry, the Aquaman, and Namor, the Sub-Mariner, are each kings of their very own model of Atlantis.

They each have a declare to all of the treasures misplaced at sea, and each already rule a technologically superior underwater society. Aquaman is slightly wealthier than Namor, however the Sub-Mariner is CEO of his personal firm, which has a internet price of 260 billion {dollars} already.

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